Presents To and From the Boy…


DEATH BY ZERO Vider t–shirt

Death by Zero T-Shirt

They harp on a lot about what they don’t do in their About’ section but what they do, do are t-shirts and vests that boys and girls look hot in. I got this one from Selfridges.

large magenta bobble

A black Bobble filter which was an ingenious idea really as it means he can reuse a present I bought way back in February!!

And the piste de resistance…

Some Beats by Dre Solo Headphone in Red…purely because all the others had sold out. Now that is love! Apparently they can’t be used until the end of Jan though as he doesn’t want the ‘raised eyebrow looks’ that say ‘ooooh new headphones for Christmas!!’


There were also the obvious little stocking filler type things too…pants, a hat and an ‘I saw this and thought of you’ Spurs Mug for my little Spurs Mug πŸ™‚


Quite honestly better than anything I bought…

The Alexa named after the British queen of cool herself Miss Chung

Oversized and over the moon! This year the boy done really, really well!

Merry Christmas gang!

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