Nail the January Blues with Nails Inc…

I know, I know we’re not even 10 days into our Christian Louboutin advert calendar and already some-one is mentioning the dreaded January Blues.

So let’s just say this another thing on the list of things to look forward to?

1. Christmas

2. Buying a new outfit and pretending to care about New Years

3. Limited Edition range of colours from Nails Inc.

nails inc. launches limited edtion shades for January

Yup that’s right, those guys over a Nails Inc. know how much we love a neutral shade, so have come up with a limited edition, set of colours to ensure you’ve got nothing but manicured mitts to tackle the crazy sale season.

Although, with names such as Hampstead Gardens (Honey Neutral), Holland Park Avenue (classic Taupe) and an A-lister collection, sale shopping may take a back seat altogether with you dispensing a more cool, calm and undoubtedly nouveaux riche attitude towards this normally economically difficult month.

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