Louboutin Launches European Online Shop…

It seems utter madness that Christian Louboutin’s official website would only offer an online shop to it’s US and Canadian customers especially as the man himself is from gay Paris! I mean, come on Chrissie baby, Roi de Chaussures…stop holding out on us red-sole loving Europeans!!!!

Oh wait,

what’s that now?

Cinderella will go to the ball???

As of early next year we will be able to flash the cash and drop serious pounds and Euro’s (well, we’ll see about the Euro) on our own offish European Louboutin E-commerce shop which will stock Mr Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.


Because, of course, that was the only  thing holding back this heel whore from casually spending her rent money on a pair of those bitchin’, bollywood, ball-breakers. (UH! I mean the balls of your feet…you filthy animals. And can we also just take a moment to revel in all the casual alliteration used in that last sentence?)

Until the online shop launches though, why not countdown to Christmas with Christian’s online advent calendar?  So much better then a boring old, chocolate one!

Now boyfriend listen carefully and repeat after me…

‘On the first day of Christmas my boyfriend gave to me…

the shoes behind door 3′


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