Decorate Yourself with Jasmin Giles…

Jasmin Logo

Do you ever wonder what the people you lost touch with at school ended up doing? Well one of my Shaftesbury School Alumni has channelled her creative side into a collection of beautiful necklaces for her Jewellery line, Jasmin Giles.




With a background in textiles she takes much inspiration from materials and fabric and amazingly each design is made by hand.

Call me crazy but I find the way Jasmin works her materials together, giving each of her pieces a beautifully unique design, inspires feelings of  life on the ocean floor. Her designs incorporate stunning colours that evoke images of natural coral growing deep under the sea in rich oranges, blues and stunning pastels  as well as that almost velvet black of the sea urchins and the texture of an anemone. Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me?

soft coral photo

These statement necklaces would dress up a simple t-shirt or dress and turn an outfit from something quite plain into a chic and fashionable get-up.

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