Top 5 Friday…

1. Platinum Blonde Hair

…I’m, almost, there…if there means having a salmon hue too?! blog post to come!

Pinned Image


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2. Nights in and Good TV

Top Boy –

Filmed right outside my fella’s front door in Eaaast Laaaandan (fingers crossed I make an accidental cameo!) this 4 part, gritty drama is a must watch.

The Misfits

Nathan and his boyish, Irish charms may be gone but Kelly is still there delivering quality one liners and now there is new guy Rudy, played by Joe Gilgun who you may recognise from the incredible This is England!

Β Tool Academy –Β 

Some villages around the UK must be missing their idiots at the moment because E4 have rounded them up and tricked them once again into competing for Britains biggest tool.

Those poor, poor, unfortunate girlfriends.

3. Wrapping up

After riding the wave of that Indian Summer forever it finally seems that we may need to wrap up!


4. Starbucks Christmas Cup


5. Jack Whitehall

Thanks to the boyf, a cancelled wedding and a whine…I am going to see Jack Whitehall tonight at the Hammersmith Apollo!

A night of ROFLDSKALMOAS or whatever it is those crazy kids are saying.


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