Red in the Face Comedy…

For a while now I have been helping out and doing the door for a monthly comedy night in London called Red in the Face, in fact, just last Tuesday I was at McQueens in Shoreditch again, acting all high and mighty with clipboard in hand and some serious power-tripping.

From my position of power outside the glass doors, I often catch the first act by pushing my nose up against the panes and listening intently. However this time I managed to nip in before the lights went down and avoid all manner of public humiliation by being caught out and standing by whichever comic genius is currently doling out their hilarious and sometimes awkward routine.

During my last stint there I saw Luke McQueen. An exceptionally tension educing comedian who, last time, happened to lose the plot completely and refer to one unfortunate audience member as a see you next Tuesday, repeatedly…whilst screaming FUCK OFF intermittently at the same time until the audience grew hugely concerned that; a) that this comedy night was actually an underground bare knuckle boxing night in east London and b) that Luke was not by any means doing his job and errr, joking.

As you can imagine, when Luke took the stage this week in a flesh coloured body suit reciting poetically “You think I am enough but then I am too much, what am I? Pasta” I was starting to wonder about the guy’s mental state. However, rather than be given his own slot this time and therefore a limited amount of time to insult audience members, organisers John and Paul perhaps felt his creative ability and passion for aggressively using the word twat and cunt should not be shackled by the constraints of time and so appointed him compare for the evening. So far so brilliant.

Luke was actually hilariously funny and without the distraction of loud audience members had me doing my least favourite abbreviation and actually LOLing. His act is like that of a kid with ADHD in the sense that he is wildly unpredictable and there is an element of well, sheer lunacy about him but he manages to keep a balance between surreal and just plain weird that makes him a great comedian. And I am utterly loving his recent poems which can be listened too over on his youtube channel HERE also here is him doing some of his act at the fantastic Comedy Store.

In addition to Luke and his flesh coloured body suit the other acts I saw were Joel Dommett and Sooz Kempner.

I had seen Joel before but still found him hilarious. He is awkward and camp and has a Bristolian lilt to his voice that makes him seem all the more funnier. He is also a kinda fit?! His clumsy innocence just makes every story he tells hilarious.

Sooz Kempner performs musical comedy which is something I hadn’t seen before and hearing her sing in the sound check didn’t seem like a possible thing. I mean for one, her voice was fucking amazing! Like shockingly better than any X-factor wannabe with a great a sob story and there’s nothing funny about someone who is actually talented. There would be no point in heckling errr, you’re crap when she quite clearly is not. But what is funny was her rendition of Mariah Carey’s Hero and a whole set of new lyrics based around cheating footballers and Rooney gang-banging a granny. She also has a blog called Soozical

So all in all this is a very funny and not hugely known about comedy night that I think you should all come along to? For more info head over to their facebook to see when the next event is coming up or pop down to the next night at McQueens in Shoreditch which is the first Tuesday of every month. Keep an eye on my twitter too as I normally do a cheeky tweet when I’m on the door!

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