Shoes for Show…

Truman BreweryI can’t deny, I love East London. It may be a bit predictable these days as every trendy worth their creepers, ombre, half shaved hair and high waisted acid wash denim shorts heads to Shoreditch come the weekend but you never really know what you are going to come across around there. And today was no different. After a lovely catch up over poached eggs and Croque Monsieurs with mon amie, I strolled up towards Brick Lane pon route to the man’s and as I limped (I joined the gym today…ouchie) past the Truman Brewery something caught my eye.

Shoe for Show: The Sculptural Art of High Heels, is exhibiting in the Trumen Brewery from the 4th – 8th November and as a self-confessed shoe-groupie the thought of standing in touching distance of the world’s highest heels designed by none other than the red-soled king himself, Mr Louboutin or Gareth Pugh’s futuristic designs that featured in Beyonce’s ‘Girls’ video is too much maayaan, because who can run this muthafuckin’ world without a pair of utterly ridiculous not-to-actually-be-walked-in heels.

The featured shoes are all presented in sculptures commissioned by artist Jamie Bowler and loaned from some of my favourite designers you can see heels by Nicholas Kirkwood, Terry De Havilland, Manolo Blahnik and of even a miniture Armadillo heel by Alexander McQueen.


This free exhibition is all thanks to Javari, and who are they I hear you cry! Pffft, I don’t know…but thanks to something called the world wide web…ta da! The student has become the teacher. And boy oh boy am I glad I stumbled across this little find. A website born out of a love for shoes and handbags. As if there is a need for anything else. Prance naked down the street but make sure your shoes and bag are the bitchin-est in town.

Fuck-me, fierce or just plain fabulous its all about heels.

And here are some terrible shots taken by moi!

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