My Boyfriend Wrote a Book about Me…

What’s the saying? Don’t get mad, get even.

Well that’s exactly what Hilary Winston decided to do by penning a book about her boyfriend after discovering his book about her.

Yup, her ex boyfriend wrote a book about her and the end of their relationship. Not only did he write a book about her which she stubbled upon in the ‘new fiction’ section of a book store, he referred to her in it as his ‘fat-assed girlfriend.’

Oh the horror.

Break-ups suck. Even if you’re the one who saw it coming. They’re hard, awkward and full of obstacles to trip you up when you think you’ve got the hang of them. So the idea of casually browsing through the fiction section and seeing your ex’s name in print  on the spine of a book would be a confusing and curious thing (especially if he never even so much as wrote you a birthday card while you were together).

However Hilary’s boyfriend was a writer and he had written a book. About her.

So in response she wrote a book about him, about her and about all other stories she should probably keep to herself but didn’t.

In the note she says this book is written for all those out there who have been dumped and don’t want to look like the crazy ex-girlfriend. She is taking this bullet for us by putting herself out there and telling the stories that you’d normally keep to yourself and my a couple of your closest friends.

Being a writer from a well-known American sitcom I was really expecting a ‘pee-my-pants’ kind of read. I was expecting to find her stories hilarious and wanted to actually do my most hated abbreviation and LOL.

I did laugh, no wait, chuckle at the odd insight she gave us into her crazy and often depressing love life. I wanted to sympathise with her and think, wow, what a sad but achingly funny anecdote but I didn’t. I especially didn’t when she thanked her diabetic cat at the end of the book for always being there for her. There’s one thing joking about being a sad, mad cat-woman and then there is actually being the sad, mad cat-woman. 

I don’t think it helped that this read followed that of Caitlin Moran’s – How to be a Woman which was forced down my throat and into my feminist being by my best friend and fellow blogger You Inspire the Way. Empowering and hilarious and exactly what you need to read post break up, pre-break up, today tomorrow, right this bloody second!

But this book didn’t really do it for me. It was no sex and the city full of wild night and wilder fashion and no Notebook full of heartfelt feelings and kissing scenes in the rain. In fact it was a little, meh. It made me feel like so many front pages of The Sun when another footballer has been ousted for his night of passion with hairdresser/stripper/hooker/granny and his long suffering WAG barely bats an eyelid. I want to grab hold of the WAGS and Hilary and shake them, shake them out of every bad relationship and say WHY! Why are you letting this man treat you like crap and ask you to leave his apartment so he can poo? We’re 21st century women and we ain’t that stupid! Not every women will put up with that kinda shiz so stop painting that picture!

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