I Wanna Make You Sweat…

Last Friday in my highly anticipated Top 5 buff tings my number 5 was Healthy Living.

And my main point to healthy living was that I, yes little old cheese, chocolate and all-things-bad-for-you scoffing, had bought a pair of Nike Lunarglide Running Trainers!

What does Lunarglide mean? Not a squiddly dee…but it sounds fancy and like something all my boring facebook gym friends would put on their equally lame gym statuses i.e.’I’m going running in my LUNARGLIDE trainers’ despite the fact they have a tiny little hiney and haven’t looked a cheese let alone eaten it in the past 4 years!

So I bought trainers after the realisation that heading into your mid twenties means that, that smug and hideous saying you always feared is actually coming true ‘It will all catch up with you one day!’ OH FUCK OFF FATTY!

So yeah I bought trainers and I also agreed whole heartedly to go to Zumba.

I finally got round to actually going on Monday and I haven’t been able to walk properly for 3 days so far and it seems to be getting worse! However and there is a big however. It was freaking AMAZING.

Imagine a room full of mental women, tall, short, fat, thin, old, young, yummy mummies, etc, etc; crumping and shaking it like Beyonce with a little bit of gangster attitude and enough sweat to sink the Titanic…well that is Zumba. And if you go for it and I mean, wave you hand in the air like you just don’t care go for it then it gets funner and funner and when you combine that with the rumour that it burn 1000 calories in an hour (!) then its better than pretending to do something in the gym?


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