Top 5 Friday…

I have decided to attempt a weekly post called Top 5 Friday in which I post my top 5 on a certain sujet du jour!

This week..


Having become all fashionable and kitsch Cupcakes are the must have accessory at any afternoon tea. Here are my top 5 places to pick em up…

1. Candy Cakes

Magento Commerce

Stores all over London and a serious selection you can indulge in boxes upon boxes of the stuff!

I love how cartoony they look!

 2. M&S


Good ole M&S do amazing cupcakes. I love, love, love the mini chocolate cupcakes and honestly can devour an entire pack of 9, yes NINE cupcakes in one sitting. Oh come on, they are MINI!

3. Primrose Bakery

A lot more cutesy than Candy Cakes or M&S but again they have stores all over London and a huge selection of delicious cupcakes. 

4. Cox, Cookies and Cakes

Sex and Cupcakes, possibly the best idea ever. Located in the heart of Soho in-between sex shops and strippers you can find this little cake shop. The staff dressed in S&M style aprons and merchandise with the slogans ‘better than sex’. Cupcakes show their naughty side at this bakery.

5. Camden Market

Cheaper but still as chic, Camden market has several little pop-up tables selling cupcakes every weekend. Whether they are actually home-made or not who knows but it’s nice to think so? Located in the Stables part of the market there is a great little stand!

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