A Taste of Laduree in London…

I was lucky enough to win a trip to Paris last year and during that trip I visited the famous and simply stunning Laduree for a champagne brunch. Unaware of what Laduree was before my visit (pah, and who says the British are ignorant!), I was swept up in the heavy decor, romance, elegance and all round luxuriousness of the place.

Laduree has now opened in Covent Garden and I visited a few weeks ago with my mum for some afternoon macaroons.

I’m not a huge fan of Covent Garden as a place to sit and while away the hours. I was before I lived in London but now the hustle and bustle pretty much makes me want toย head-buttย anyone with an ‘I Love London’ hoodie on however on this particular sunny weekday afternoon it was perfect.

We ordered a selection of their famous mini macaroons in Raspberry, Orange Blossom and Melon flavours and a small, very small Tarte Citron and all were delicious bar the Melon flavoured macaroon, do not order that one!

It’s a lovely place to visit and something everyone should sample but not too often unless you bank with Coutts in which case call me and we’ll go together ๐Ÿ˜‰

A little bit of Parisian heaven.



2 thoughts on “A Taste of Laduree in London…

  1. baileyblush says:

    This looks lovely! I didn’t realise they had opened in Covent Garden (like you I went there before I moved to London, but not so much since) but it does look like a peaceful reverie!

    P.S. Your Parisian trip sounds amazing, lucky you!

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