Ryan and Rosie for M&S…

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for M&S and by soft spot I mean like that squidgy bit on the top of you thighs/middle of your stomach/back of your arms that you wish would fix up, look sharp, tone up and stop being the bane of your life.

I spent much of my childhood being dragged around M&S hiding under various clothing racks full of dull, camel coloured coats while my mum simply lost her mind with worry carried on shopping in oblivious, retail heaven unaware that she had children let alone that they were missing. But believe me when I say; once you’ve hidden under one clothing rack, you’ve hidden under them all and in all honesty I hated the place. Especially as my school uniform consistently came, head to toe, from M&S! Including shoes which meant no Kickers for me and therefore no evil eyed stares from my fellow classmates each coming September.

15 years later I may finally be a firm advocate of their butternut squash and feta salad from the food hall but I still can’t bring myself to enter the clothing section. Yes, they’ve tried to lure me in with all kinds of clever advertising in recent years; this is not just an advert, this is the most succulent, alluring, seductive advert you’ve ever watched in your life…ok so that one had me! But no amount of Danni Minogue, Lisa Snowden or hell even a slightly matured Twiggy would make me head to M&S over Topshop.

Until now.


Possibly two of the hottest people stars in the world, Ryan Reynold’s and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, fresh from Burberry’s latest campaign, have been snapped up to entice and excite me into thinking M&S is the place to go for the latest trends and fashion finds and not just that boring, must-own pair of seamless, nude knickers aka the passion killers.

Rosie Huntington Ryan Reynolds M&S 2011 pic2.jpg


ryan reynolds marks & spencer pic4.jpg

And boy is it working!

But if that wasn’t enough, the utterly delicious D&G model David Gandy also shows face; and by face I mean the eyes of an angel and the contours of a Greek god; in the new campaign. As far as David is concerned the only way is quite clearly, Essex.

Whatever he’s selling…I’m buying!

And to think M&S said they were axing the celeb faces from their ad campaigns…hmmmm.


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