You Inspire The Way Tells Me How to be a Woman…

My favourite weekly, freezine, The Stylist, recently published extracts from Caitlin Moran’s widely revered read: How to be a Woman.

I found the extracts hilarious and right on the mother tucking money. Feminist, yes. Bra-burning? Hell NO…this is Agent Provocateur honey!

Further to this when I met with one of my gal pals the other week she raved and ranted and pretty much paper cut the end of my nose whilst forcing this book in my face.

And so I was told.

No, no, not told…sold!

Anyway said friend has since blogged her little heart out in a quick-witted post about this quick-witted read over on her site, You Inspire the Way…

Any review that starts with the words arse-entrenching underwear, cheese and Ket holes has to be worth reading right? That’s what I thought too!!! So pleased we’re all on the same wavelength. However this review has only left me now itching to read the whole book and will my bestest friend in the whole wide world lend me her copy? pffft, will she heck! “Buy you’re own” she screams, as this THIS is not merely a book but your bible for life.

And you can read that review right…


Anyway I must scoot, I gotta go buy this book.

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