Show Me Your Fanny Pack…

My search for a bumbag aka fanny pack began and ended last week in American Apparel.

Truth be told it wasn’t a particularly long search and I did have an inkling that AA would hold the answer to my question…

Where the heck can you buy a rooting tooting fanny pack in this day and age of 2011??


Anyway, not everyone is so taken with my favourite new found, ahem, lime green, crotch coverer. My boyfriend definitely had a look of utter bewilderment the other day when I pulled it out and started thrusting it about shouting ‘fannnnnny pack!’ in his face. That look only intensified when my sister indicated it’s cost…pffffffft, worth every penny I tell ya!

Still I will profess to be a lover of fanny packs until I can no longer thrust it about in utter glee.

My one regret? Not coming across Betty Bolsa in my epic search…until now!

It’s what every party girl has been waiting for…


It’s like they read my mind!!!

‘lets talk about sex baby!’

Betty Bolsa

Work it sista!

Betty Bolsa

On a more serious note  – still don’t believe fanny packs are where it’s at??

Jaeger – Spring 2011

Hermes Runway Spring 2011

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011


Jill Stuart – Spring 2011

Diane Von Furstenberg – Spring 2011 above.

Chanel Quilted Fanny Pack – SOLD OUT WORLD-FIRCKEN-WIDE!

Yu-huh even good old Karl likes to thrust a fanny pack from time to time.

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