Doing the Dutty Wine to Moombahton…


So apparently there is a new music genre on the scene, who knew?

And it seems there couldn’t be a better weekend to come across it then that of Notting Hill Carnival, so girl can get her Dutty Wine on! This new genre of music currently doing the rounds is known as Moombahton.

Essentially a slowed down version of electronic dance hits, genre creator (you heard it) Dave Nada founded this type of music way back in 2009 in Washington by slowing the Afrojack remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie song “Moombah” so dem girls and dem boi’s could bump and grind to the music. Then that super slick dude Nada used the name of the tune Moombah and threw on the ton from the word Reggaeton to get…TA DA

Moombah + ton = MOOMBAHTON

Oh sweet jesus!

How exciting is this? It’s like discovering the wheel all over again. Or like when you wake up on a Saturday thinking it’s Friday and you gotta go to work and then you realise you don’t.

I happen to be doing some work down at Notting Hill Carnival on Monday…fingers crossed for the chance to dutty wine to some Moombahton.

Oh no he didn’t!!!! Even that crazy L.A cat Skrillex is (kind of) in on the whole Moombahton shiz. I feel so behind the times. Hmmpphh.

Feel a bit let down by this post? Why not head over to Sabotage Times to hear a proper review slash run down on Moombahton.

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