How to Have a Super Super Shoot…

A couple of Saturday’s ago I very generously gave up my time to assist a friend on a shoot for an editorial feature in the first issue of the soon to be relaunched Super Super Magazine.

the legendary cover of issue 1 in !! SUPER SUPER COVERS !! by Super SuperITZ GOT A FREE CD WITH IT !!!    SUPERSUPER MAGAZINE  )SUPERSUPER MAGAZINE  )

I know, I know, sounds mad. Me, giving up time in exchange for nothing other than good old fashioned gratitude! Although if the truth be told it was in order to take my mind off

a) spending money (that I don’t have) and

b) The fact that everyone I knew was at Victoria Park for London’s Field Day Festival and/or Cloud Cuckoo Land Festival in Somerset.

This was my first foray into a behind the scenes and I was quite looking forward to seeing how it all came together.

I met Laura the stylist/shoot producer at her house in Bethnal Green. Laura is a freelance stylist and writer who I met when I briefly attended uni before buggering off to Dubai for a few years. She often contributes to ID magazine online, casually interviewing the likes of Jonathan Saunders, Meadham Kirchhoff and the like as though this is how most of us spend our working week. Super, super jel. She also has the most amazing crazy, coloured, bleach blonde hair courtesy of Bleach of London whilst I still only have the balls to dip dye my ends she has gone full on ‘my little pony’ with hers. Perhaps one day I’ll be gutsy enough to try this!

Anyway, We headed off to Hackney Marshes with what seemed like enough bags and suitcases to clothe the whole of East London, to meet the rest of the crew. A small team of 1 hair stylist, 1 make-up artist, photographer, Model Annie and a half welcomed addition of Blake the dog.

The theme of the shoot was Pagan and truth be told this was my first real behind the scenes foray. After lugging what felt like a my weight and some, in wardrobe from bus stop to bus stop we finally arrived at the Marshes to be greeted by Molly the make-up artist and what looked like big black rain clouds in the distance. Hmmm. Not ideal on an outdoor shoot.

We waited for the others to arrive in the comfort of the Lee Valley Ice Skating rink. And we waited.


Next to arrive was Sami Knight the hairstylist. After a quick chat turns out Sami is a seriously busy guy working with everyone from Agent Provocateur, Elle Italia, ID Magazine, Vice Magazine and now he is also set to have not one but two editorial features in the first relaunched version of Super Super magazine. Known for big, beautiful, classic hair I have found some of the shots on his site utterly beautiful and inspiring.

Some of Sami Knight's work recently feature in ID Online

An hour and a half later our photographer finally made his appearance. Nothing like nonchalant arrogance to appease the rest of the team! And with that the heavens opened. Luckily we took refuge in a nearby pub from the showers and set up a hair and make-up station in a side room by the bar; and who said photo-shoots weren’t glamorous.

Rifling through the wardrobe there were some exquisite pieces including some seriously chunky Alexander McQueen Skull rings (seems Laura has some good friends in high places), a gorgeous maxi-skirt from Topshop and some unbelievable fur-covered boots by Patrizia Pepe.

The Pagan theme some-what removed from my normal style I could help but be utterly swept up by each look. Annie, the model worked each shot to the max and once we finally got into the swing of things as cliche as it sounds, stuff really started to flow which meant the tense atmosphere relaxed a little! As we finally started to wrap the sun made its first serious appearance of the day and some of the final shots are no doubt stunning.

My amateur behind the scenes shots!

And Blake the Dog...of course!

Super Super is likely to be relaunched at the beginning of September and will be distributed FOR FREE in vintage and boutique shops across London as well as a number of other Super, super (see what I did there!!) cool venues.

Actual shots to follow soon!

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