Embrace Your Inner Child With Bantum…

What with having booked two holidays I have found myself somewhat short of cash recently. In a bid to keep myself entertained as cheaply as possible I started looking at free tings to do in London when an invite to Pure London landed in my inbox.

For those of you not in the know about Pure;

“Pure London is the UK’s leading fashion trade event, bringing together an eclectic mix of contemporary, directional and premium womenswear, young fashion, footwear and accessory brands every February and August”

I unfortunately did not read this before attending. I totally didn’t realise it was very much a tradeย exhibition. A chance for buyers to view labels new collections and decide what they would stock in their boutiques. A look but don’t touch scenario. hmmph! Although in hindsight a very good thing with my sudden shortage of cash flow!

As this was an industry event there lots of buyers from boutiques from all over the country and unfortunately as a result there seemed to be a real snobbery among some of the exhibitors there. They weren’t happy to show off their collections or really chat to anyone that wasn’t there to bulk order 20 of their badly made dresses to sell in their stores. While others were offered champagne and a seat my sister and I were pretty much ousted from some stands without so much as a false smile.

That was until we came across a stand near the front looked after by a few guys from Nottingham. A friendly hello and the offer of a seat was all we needed to stick around a chat to them for a little while.

Bantum, essentially a street brand, was born out of a dislike for sucky jobs and a lack of standout clothing. The label professes to be the best music album of the clothing world where like tracks on a CD there isn’t a garment you would skip. In addition to this they want to inspire through their clothing and get the wearers to embrace their inner child by doing want the love, not a bad mantra eh?

My sister and I got chatting with Simeon, one of the brand founders. As I got distracted by sunglasses on the same stand, my sister actually ended up making her own tee!!! Not fair!

The graphics won’t be to everyone cup of tea but they certainly stand-out! My personal preferences ย lay with the simpler garms such as the grey balloon graphic jumper.

Already featured in several music videos, including Examples Hooligans, Bantum in currently only stocked in one place in London, however I am sure this will change soon. Mash Ltd can be found on 73 Oxford Street.




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