Ralph Lauren Rugby…

News that Ralph Lauren’s hipper, preppier and all round younger brand Rugby will be opening the doors to its first UK  store in Covent Garden at the end of August will surely have every Hugo, Henny and Beatrice worth their private education and plaid Hollister shirt in an absolute tizz.

What may get someone like me; averagely educated and definitely not the owner of anything even remotely preppy; to the store is a further attempt to lure those Abercrombie-ites (yes I  did just add ite to the end of a brand name to make it a real word) away from their Mecca…male and female models.

Remember the two topless hotties from the front of the Abercrombie and Fitch store? Well Ralph Lauren intends to ‘nick’ them for their own and get them looking fresh to death in head to toe Rugby before getting them out on the streets of Covent Garden simply to distract you into the store. Appalling behaviour. Accompanying them will be a popcorn machine or perhaps an ice cream van…mmmm ice cream, mmmm male models.

The brand itself has been around since early 2004 in America so you may already be well in the know but the actual launch of the UK store will take place over our last (sob) bank holiday weekend of the year. So if you’re in and around London from the 26th-29th August make sure you pop over to Covent Garden to get a first peek round their brand new Rugby store, your hands on some of their cheaper but still chic clobber and if you’re lucky maybe a male (or female!) model too!



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