Did You Get the Memotone…

When it comes to playing music instruments I am devoid of talent. Writing music…songs, hell even holding a tune can prove difficult at times. So when my brother showed me a youtube video of the uber talented Will Yates known creatively as Memotone I was pretty blown away.

See what I mean? I don’t think I actually have the words to put together a sentence about how talented I think this dude is but luckily his ability speaks for itself.

It does seem that he knows no bounds and in addition to skill of laying his hands to anything musical he has ย already devised the music for a recent Mercedes C-Class advert along with being snapped up by The Lonely Planet Travel Guide to devise some music.

And if being musically talented wasn’t enough he also an amazing illustrator, having work commissioned and even penning his own book The Boy and His Penguin.



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