Harry, Hermione & Ron…

I am an utter Harry Potter geek. I have read all the books (some of them twice) and I have watched all the films (most of them more than twice.

I know how to get onto platform 9 3/4, who Gellert Grindlewald is, what a pensive does and the spell to make items fly into the air. None of this is helpful information for a 23 year old.

ย Tonight, well in a few hours I will be going to see the last and final Harry Potter film. With the excitement (friend’s you may disown me after this post) comes a tinge of sadness as it seems a childhood ends. For the past 13 years Harry, Ron & Hermione have been part of childhoods everywhere and has become a British and international phenomenon.

From it 3 young British actors have been born and a multi-billion pound business has been formed.

For me it will always be about finding a quite, warm, cosy corner and pretending I’m at Hogwarts myself.

Ha-ha I am so dumped and de-friended. I think I may have even out-geeked myself.

Anyway to the end of a magical (see what I did there!!) Era!


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