A Lesson in Music with Professor Green…

A couple of Friday’s ago the heavens opened (I’m starting to sense a running theme hear where rain is concerned?) and I rain-drop dodged my way to the tube station all the while cursing the British Summer and the fact that it was pissing it down (yet again) on a day that I had another ticket to an open air gig.


That gig was Professor Green.

Like King’s of Leon before I honestly didn’t really know any of the music before tickets were purchased however I think that can be the whole charm of going to a concert. What better way to decide if I like the artist or not than seeing it live? Saying that I did download his last album beforehand and made it my playlist for my daily commute.

The concert itself was held at the stunning Somerset House. Somewhere I hadn’t been before. Luckily by the time we had arrived the skies had cleared, the rain and stopped and it was actually turning into a beautiful afternoon/evening.

Somerset House is the perfect setting for a concert. Set in the middle courtyard the surrounding building seems to capture the sound in so that atmosphere that is so often lost with outdoor stages was well and truly contained.

Professor Green was awesome to watch live and much I enjoyed the whole show much more than I expected too. I even knew some of the songs! He dropped one of my favourites quite early on, Oh My God which was features wonder boy Labrinth, who unfortunately was not there to do his bit, but I was singing along all the same. He also performed I need you tonight, for which his support act Ed Drewett came on stage; along with Just be good to Green all mixed in with a lovely little covers section which included Dizzy Rascal’s Fix Up Look Sharpe, Jay Z’s Biiiiig Pimping and even Travis McCoy’s Billionaire! At one point he was joined on stage by Emili Sande who is set to feature on his next album and they performed their latest single together. Some of you may be familiar with her tune Heaven. Her voice utterly blew me away and I am looking forward to hearing more from this girl, her debut single is released in August.   

The piste de resistance though had to be the string accompaniment for his huge tune Jungle which was part of his encore. He then took time to hit back at critics in the evening standard who dubbed his act ‘Cartoon Rap’.

Closing the show he finished with his tune Goodnight and I was left feeling all warm and fuzzy (and a little but drunk).

One thing I do have to point out though is the number of kids that this gig attracted. I am not particularly old myself at just 23 but I was surprised at just what a young following Professor Green had? I think the commercialisation of dub-step music and rap in the charts has set the wheels in motion for this to be the music of the decade.

However very much looking forward to seeing what the new album has to offer. At You Inconvenience is out later this year and Pro Green came up with the title for this while having a piss. All the best ideas hey?


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