Pop up, Pop in, Pop Down…

There’s nothing I don’t like about the two words pop and up.

From Pop Up tent lowering the stress levels of festival goers worldwide (we’re not talking about taking it down!) To Pop in which conjures up ideas that one really can go to that family gathering for just half an hour.

I like it even more now that pop-up has become synonymous with the word shop. What could be more kitsch than something for a one-off period, it adds a certain exclusivity no? From bakeries to barbers, these days everything is here today moved to a different location tomorrow. The next thing on the pop-up hit list is the comeback kid of sportswear Ellesse.

I remember Ellesse from my childhood days as it was my sister’s favourite sports brand; we couldn’t like the same so I got stuck with Kappa (don’t ask…apparently Adidas was too mainstream to be a favourite! And yes I only discovered the illusion logo once I was kitted out head to foot); anyway my sister had the whole shell suit plus trainers and even a bag if I recall?!

Whatever, it was beyond cool.

So despite sports brands taking their rightful place in just the gym these last few years I was intrigued to see what Ellesse would have to offer when they popped up in Redchurch Street (pres de Brick Lane). Perhaps there would be an almighty comeback for the brand and for polyester in general. Are we about to see a resurgence of the Adidas popper trousers? Retro is the trend of the decade right?

Located on the backside of Bethnal Green Road but a stones through from the Aubin & Wills shop/ Cinema the Ellesse pop up shop can be found downstairs and what it offers is exactly what you would expect, a kind of retro take on its sporty designs. Nothing jumps off the shelf but nothing offends? Whether it could gather a bit of street following…I’m not so sure?

ellesse blue-orgr

Open until August 3rd…if you’re a 90s kid who can tell their Le Coq Sportif logo from their Reebok then perhaps popping down to this pop-up will be a nice little reminiscent trip down memory lane. On the other hand there will be several other concessions popping in to showcase their products over the few weeks it’s open. Tokyo Bikes, Wah Nails, Zone7style, Jewell Heritage and Copson Street will all be at the pop-up store at some point.Β Β Only a couple weeks though before this pops off though!

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