Holy Pole Dancing…

Not on the ‘Coming Soon’ list of posts but I had to share this with you all!

Last Saturday I had to work.

I know. What a travesty.

Although when I say work what I mean is…travel 4 hours to a secret location with 20 beautiful models and stand around at a private party drinking mojitos while the girls (dressed as Arabian princesses) served drinks and canapes.

Not really too taxing. For me.

Travelling with us was a woman called Elena. Small with long dark brown hair Elena was one of the acts performing at the event.

When I say performing, I mean utterly stealing the show.

Amongst the camel racing, belly dancing and guys arriving by aeroplane and parachuting into the event; there was a pole set up in the middle of the dance floor. I know what you’re thinking, we were all thinking the same. Is this little women really going to grind up and down removing items clothing to a bad erotic soundtrack. Puuuuurlease. Surely not money well spent.


Elena Gibson is a world champion pole dancer. She has taken it from sleazy strip club to amazing art form. A professionally trained dancer Elena has danced for The Canadian National Ballet and a plethora of other theatre and ballet productions. After a serious car accident put her career on hold she started pole dancing as a way to get her fitness back. And my god did she get her fitness back.

She also founded The Pole Dancing School which has several studios around London. They run courses from utter novice to advanced training which is by invitation only. They also do tester classes so you can see if pole dancing really is your thing.

The skill, strength and all round showmanship Β is amazing. I was utterly blown away by Elena’s performance and I think every single one of the 20 girls I was with grabbed her card in order to sign up for a lesson.

Thanks to people like Elena Pole Dancing is edging away from its trashy image and fast becoming the fitness regime for the modern women.Β 




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