Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve or Wrist…

Anyone who know’s me, know’s I am perpetually 10 minutes late for everything. So most understandably I don’t own a working watch. I have had brief flirtations in the form of a silver Storm and a white imitation Chanel but on the whole have never been very fussed with that type of arm candy.

However with looming birthday celebrations to cover I started paying attention to the rather flamboyant red and yellow watches that adorned the end of my feller’s tattoo covered arm; yes another boyfriend birthday related post, am I boring you yet?

Whether it was hint dropping or not that both watches no longer seemed to do their served purpose of actually tell the time I found myself once again googling with birthday present ideas.

The results enlightened me to two facts. One. I know absolutely nothing about watches. And Two. There are two G-Shock stores that have recently opened in our very own London.

G-Shock East opened in late 2010 and can be found in the heart of Brick Lane, next door to the ever overflowing Cafe 1001. It is also home to regular music events such as G-Shock East Sessions and G-Shock East presents Locked In.

Its Wessssstside opposite which opened in April, the cleverly named G-Shock West can be found on Neal street but a stones throw away from Covent Garden. What’s more is that to celebrate its opening they are offering 20% off to all new customers and their first purchase!

Working in the West End I found myself in the latter, one rainy June (!) day and proceeded to be utterly sold by the female sales clerk. I left with a limited edition, Krink designed, Silver or possibly Chrome (no idea what the difference is?) Watch. And a very smug ‘I’m the best girlfriend ever’ face.

Designed by New York Artist and Art Supplier Krink, who started life as a graffitiย artist, his trademark paint drip aesthetic has inspired street art and design round the world including the Krink drip Mini. Other collaborations include Levis, Nike, Carhartt and of course now G-Shock. The watch itself is a G-Shock first with a full mirror face and the cleanest looking model so far. ย 

There were only 2 versions of the watch left in the whole shop and I was reliably informed (cough, sold, cough) that the last limited edition watch was now selling at 500% of its original cost! Ah-ha an INVESTMENT piece!

So although the watch is not for myself, alas sorry folks I am yet to master the skill of arriving early, I am coming round to the idea of owning a time piece. The next question is simply which one?


Here you can see some that have taken my fancy…



















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