Disturbing London…

Disturbing London

Following on from the previous post about Guts and Glory, this was brand was bought to my attention when the boyfriend finally offered a helpful answer to the painfully simple question ‘what would you like for your birthday’. A welcome relief after the 6000th response of ‘nothing really’…as if men aren’t hard enough to buy for anyway without that sort of contribution!

To be perfectly honest I initially turned my nose up at the design and colour (“but babe, you never wear black, is that really what you want?”). I don’t know what I was expecting but although the graphic is eye catching I just didn’t really get it. However, I bit the bullet and did the dutiful thing by purchasing a Disturbing London t-shirt.

Β My personal order seemed to be dispatched as soon as I hit the confirm order button and had already been delivered by the time I had arrived home the following evening. How’s that for service? When I opened the package…no cute note a la G&G but a luxurious feeling t-shirt. High quality, lovely fabric, soft to the touch and in it’s 3D form…much more eye catching and pleasing. I can totally see now what all the fuss is about.

Disturbing London may be a familiar name with a few of you. It may be even more familiar when mentioned in conjunction with UK rapper and no.1 hit-maker Tinie Tempah.

The Frisky singer started this, firstly music label which helped launch his now international career and it was the Brit Awards which saw the addition of a clothing range. Tinie says he is hands on with the designs and is often spotted out wearing them. Starting with just t-shirts for the moment, the label will develop a bigger range soon.

I hope that like Guts and Glory they throw in a couple vest for us gals otherwise I may have to get cutting and sewing!



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