Love is in the Air…

So the following post has been sat in its draft state for a while as I’ve had to wait until a certain someone’s birthday to publish it.

The reason being is that the label about which this post is concerned, provided great inspiration and a gift for aforementioned someone. And seeing as nothing seems to get past Mr. know it all, I thought it best to keep quiet so as not to arouse suspicion and give the game away as to what one of this year’s well thought out birthday presents may be.

Now onto the label itself.

I can’t quite take credit for finding this label by my curious little self; ever since stumbling across The Daily Street which I blogged about in my ‘Top of the Blogs’ post, I can’t help but keep heading back there to see the latest news and reviews on garms to grime (music that is not dirt!).

Their recent ‘big up’ came in the form of Guts and Glory, a Bristolian clothing label.

I purchased this rather cute ‘Love is in the Air’ t-shirt for the man, from their 8 t-shirt collection of all white, red and black designs; not that I’m sure he or they for that matter would be happy with me referring to it as cute. Though there’s something about a diamond and red trainers in a hear-shaped graphic that just seems adorable, no?

Definitely not the idea the label had when designing it, I’m sure (in actual fact the reference is to a love of Nike, Air Max 1) but I’m sure they’re happy about appealing to a wider audience all the same. 

What was even more delightful was the hand written tag that came with. Thanking me for the support  AND they even spelt my name right! No double T’s here and that’s definitely iEt at the end not iOt!

Head over to the online store to check out their latest designs or if you are lucky enough to live in Brrrrrizzle (note the erm, sarcasm, I kid! I kid, I’m from the wesssst country too!) you can head to local store Donuts and try before you buy.

I’m hoping they branch out into some women’s wear vests soon these would be perfect for my summer festival wardrobe!

You can also check these guys out on Tumblr and Twitter…follow away readers!

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