Cinema Under the Stars…

Unfortunately due to this windy, wet weather the idea of cinema under the stars gets kind of dampened, washed out. Like Wimbledon it has been rained off.

This still hasn’t stopped every Tom, Dick & Harry worth his mac book pro keypad (I own an outdated Compaq) tapping out a well oiled review on the latest and coolest hangout in London.

The Queen of Hoxton has the edge over many bars in Laaandaaan, thanks to its delightful rooftop area where one can while away the summer hours, supping Pimms and enjoying panoramic views over the city. But ever since retro and vintage became the words of the decade The Queen of Hoxton has upped the ante by showing classic flicks of an evening at their rooftop film club.

Rooftop Film Club July

Like the boy scouts though, you need to prepare to Be Prepared and purchase your pink lady jacket or hover-board well in advance…along with your ticket; because these babies are selling out like hot cakes, yes, even with all this glorious outdoor weather we’ve been having!

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