Happy Father’s Day

Pretty much, as the title says, Happy Father’s Day. In keeping with today’s celebration of all things great about Dad’s this post is a in honour of my Dad, Paul, or papa bear, pks, paulie, D and erm killa as he is often lovingly referred to.

Responsible for several of my traits including; wildly curly and unmanageable hair, my unconditional love of Sunderland AFC, the ability to talk the hind leg off a donkey. Having an utter fear of being forced to try any new food and hearing the words: “I’ll never ask you try anything ever again”. Being a bit of a geeky bookworm, especially when it comes to Harry Potter, the need to start conversations with complete strangers when in a bar and anywhere else for that matter and lastly the reason I always check the bashed-tin aisle in supermarkets should there be a bargain to be had.

So Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Here are some of my best memories of my childhood as well as certain things that will most certainly always make me think of you!

Lightwater Valley:

Queuing for hours and hours to get on the WORLD’s LONGEST ROLLERCOASTER!!! Me, absolutely terrified and shaking the closer we get to the front. You, giggling like a school kid the entire ride. The photo was epic.

Sunderland vs QPR:

First ever football game. Pissing with rain and Vinnie Jones sticking his V’s up at us. Safc 2-0 up at half time, it finished 2-2, story of our lives! I’ve been in love ever since…with Sunderland that is, not Vinnie. Eurgh.

Van Morrison:

Sure to be my wedding song…if I ever get married?! Many a late night spent drinking and singing along to Van the Man. “I’m a working man in my prime, cleaning windows”

Midget Gems:

Partly Uncle Geoff, partly you. Perhaps its a northern thing but always to be found in the glove box of your car.

Glow Worms and Giant Toads:

A quick trip to the toilet whilst camping in France and it was like an episode of planet earth! Glow worms in the wall and a giant toad bought back to the tent. Mum on a chair repeatedly shouting ‘get it out of here Paul!!!!’ As it proceeded to double in size.

Hartlepool vs Sheffield Wednesday:

Play-off finals in Cardiff. Wednesday are through to the Championship and yet we still manage to rile their fans with Hpool chants ending in us fleeing for our lives to the train station.


From the Science to the Natural history to the Imperial War but especially the Submarine museum, the perfect Birthday outing for any 11year old GIRL!

Chips & Curry Sauce:

No words needed.

Musical Chairs:

Corfu 2000. England vs Germany once more; the pressure was on but that chair was ours… 2 world wars and musical chairs doo da doo da!!! You won that for the Killens, for the Champagne but most importantly for England!

The Who:

We don’t get fooled again. Incredible intro, loud as the sound system will go and whilst driving illegally fast. No wonder you always told us to fasten our seatbelts!

Hartlepool Historic Quay

Historic Quay:

I think it was the only decent thing about Hartlepool other than the accents. Who knew history could be fun or at least sickeningly gory. You cracked it with this one D!

Driving Lessons:

These did not run smoothly. I think we had one, before I told you to eff off and ran into the house crying leaving the car exactly NOT where you had told me to park it.

thanks Dad πŸ™‚

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