Breast Milk Ice Cream Anyone…

Its seems everyone is open to a bit of fetish these days. Rihanna is definitely a good girl gone bad with her recent hit S&M, Louis Vuitton A/W 2011 show was a definite dominatrix dream and now even Ice Cream is getting triple XXXtreme.

Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2011 - Paris Fashion Week

So with the sun out in full force over the last weekend. The only sensible idea was to head out for ice cream…I mean we might not get another chance what with the great British Summertime being so temperamental. So sunglasses on and boyfriend in tow, I headed over to Covent Garden where you can find the recently opened Icecreamists and enjoy a scoop of breast milk ice cream.

You think I’m kidding? From the outside the decadent black and pink decor resembles something you might find in a backstreet in Amsterdam. The Skull and spoon-bone emblem along with the mantra ‘God Save the Cream’ says this ain’t no child’s treat. Having started as a boutique pop-up shop in Selfridges the Icecreamists can now be found on Maiden Street near to Covent Garden. Now back to the breast milk ice cream…

The Icecreamists © Scott Wisart

The flavours in-store aren’t your average Neapolitan, when it says Breast Milk on the label, it means it, with currently 200 lactating (such a gross word) mothers stepping forward to donate. And the ingredients isn’t the only thing causing some controversy. Named the ‘Baby Gaga’ this particular flavour has attracted interest from the Lady herself. The ‘Born this Way’ singer has had her lawyers start a legal battle with the ‘lick your addiction’ ice cream parlour stating that “describing it as ‘nausea-inducing’ has ‘intended to take advantage of [the singer’s] reputation and goodwill’.

But these Icecreamist’s won’t take the criticism lying down and have hit back with a letter which they have posted on their blog requesting permission to re-launch the breast milk ice-cream under a different name and you can read that letter here.

But now enough of the hype surrounding this establishment, what is the place actually like?

The Icecreamists © Scott Wisart

As I said before the decor is hot pink and black and the graffiti writing on the walls add to their fierce take on ice cream. Their new campaign called ‘lick your addiction’ is hoping to liberate the world one lick at a time. The posters on the wall continue the theme with whips and chains exciting me. The staff are all part of the experience in black waistcoats, pink ties and PVC hats. The music however couldn’t have been more wrong I mean there’s nothing less fetish inducing then Mambo No.5 blasting out the speakers, unless Guilty Pleasure was the theme of the day? And I’m not sure the location is quite right, it would be better suited taking a tip from cupcake boutique Cox Cookies and Cakes and setting up shop in the heart of Soho famed for its sex shops and acceptance of anything a little too racy for the mainstream.

The Icecreamists © Scott Wisart

As for the ice cream itself, I wasn’t ballsy enough to try the breast milk myself so I went for Sex, Drugs Choc and Roll and a scoop of Sex Bomb, which boasts an ingredient of  natural Viagra…hmmm. Two scoops came in at £5.90 and 1 scoop in a cone £3.90…not overly pricey and it was two hefty scoops cue some serious brain freeze.

The Icecreamists © Scott Wisart

I think it could be a really cool Ann Summers meets gelateria moment if they sorted out the music and maybe I went later at night and sampled a Vice Cream Cocktail as well, however at the moment the crowd is not right, With a 90year old to the left of me and 2 little girls in front it was hard to feel comfortable with the underlying message of sex and ice cream. Coming back to the location I am not sure the right crowd will ever be attainable at least not on a Saturday at 6.00pm? Maybe I will have to go back at a later date and later time. Who knows after a few cocktails maybe I’ll be able to give you my opinion on the now infamous breast milk ice cream.

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