London’s Night Life, you have to Mulletover…

Although the night life in Dubai is pretty extravagant, like most things over there, once you’ve been out a few times you come to know what to expect. So when I made the decision to move back to London I was especially excited to sample its varied club and party scene. I would compare Dubai a bit to the wanky West End, where everywhere has a guest list, anyone who’s anyone has a table and your bottle of champagne comes with a side of sparkler. The crowd is city-boys out on the bosses Amex and wannabe wags trying to bag a tabloid front page at the expense of another stupid footballer. All in all it’s pretty pretentious, showy and often not that much fun. I can’t say exactly the same for Dubai, with the sunshine and all it can be quite, well, fabulous, all that ‘over-the-top’ expense, can mean you get carried away and surprisingly it doesn’t seem quite as pretentious as the west-clubs over here?

But getting back to London, I was excited for the opposite side to west end clubbing the nightlife of London that I had experienced so little of but heard so much about. The warehouse parties, the impromptu car park raves, the abandoned power station all nighters and one night in particular that was sure not to disappoint was Mulletover.

My first introduction to this club night was through a good friend of mine who literally knows of every possible club night, album launch, secret rave worth going to and can sniff them out a mile off! So when we got tickets back in May last year I didn’t mull it over I said hell fucking yeah!

Founded by DJ Geddes who is also a resident on the decks, Mulletover is now in its 7th year and will be celebrating its birthday at the beginning of next month on April 2nd and I shall be there to, uh, party on down. The last Mulletover I attended was held at Ewer street car park on the edge of Shoreditch and Hoxton and has become a favourite location for nights such as this. As my friend and I stumbled around the back streets of east London wondering if every random doorway may be the entrance, I felt more excited for this night than any champagne fuelled evening at a ‘table’ in Dubai and I was wearing flats.

We finally found the roped off doorway/hole in the wall which was flanked by two enormous bouncers. There was a light thump of base from behind a black curtain and with it I felt my heart rate increase. As we entered the building I found myself in the car park, a few portaloos on my right and a bar made of steel beer barrels. Basic yes. Pretentious, certainly not. Set back further in the ‘room’ were a couple of large archways again covered in black curtains and from behind these the base was heavier still. Inside the speakers shook and the music was fucking immense.

The place was packed, there were different levels all over the shop and everyone was dancing. No wannabe wags looking you up and down, no sleazy Princes of Saudi trying to temp you with Nebuchadnezzar’s (that is actually a word, google it if you don’t believe me) of champagne and certainly no cheating footballers, there were no hen do’s in terrible tutus, no ‘lads’ on the piss, I don’t even think anyone was there on the pull. It was just a room full of people enjoying the music.

Admittedly this night is not for everyone, the music is a pretty minimal and techy which therefore means some will hate it. However what I guess I’m trying to get at is the feel of the night and how all places should be like this when you go out. No VIP, no guest list just everyone who wants to turning up and have a jolly good time to music they enjoy.

This Summer Mulletover are taking over an entire area at Lovebox with super Groove Armada, tickets are already on sale! They will also be venturing down to Brighton the weekend of the 26th April and entry to the night is FREE, yup, FREE!

And if you were lucky enough to bag a ticket for Saturday 2nd I may see you there!

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