All You Can Eat? Is That a Challenge…

For a relatively trim girl I can put away a lot which often surprises quite a few people. So when my boyfriend and I arranged a night out with his soon to betrothed best friend and his lucky wife-to-be plus a few other couples to an all you can eat restaurant I, secretly, thought hell yeah. Secretly because said boyfriend and I have not yet made the year mark and I’m hoping I can to not lose my lady-like charm just yet.

For this evening we went to Rodizio Rico a Brazilian restaurant on Upper Street in Angel. We had a table booked for about 8.00pm and were seated as soon as our entire party arrived. Unfortunately we were hidden in the corner a little bit which in a restaurant where the main aspect of your meal is bought round by the waiters isn’t great as you are constantly having to vie for their attention. Oh yeah, let me explain this a bit better…

Rodizo menu

So the concept of the restaurant is that you pay £22.50 and then it’s an all you can eat affair. There is an extensive salad and sides bar in the centre of the restaurant and then waiters walk around the restaurant with all different types of meat on a skewer, from steak to chicken wings, spicy sausage to liver.

Rodizo Buffet 2

The food was nice enough but I personally think a serve yourself kind of restaurant is a bit disruptive for a meal with friends with everyone finishing their plateful at different times and jumping up and down for seconds and thirds and sometimes even fourths. Meat wise I wasn’t bowled over by the quality of it and it is a bit annoying having to be vigilant for when your favourite meat is making the rounds, I mean no-one wants to get stuck with a plateful of spicy sausage when there is steak to be had. Although £22.50 isn’t that pricey when you add-on drinks and desserts you are looking at around £40.00 a head and I think it feels like you could get a much nicer meal for this sort of money?

Rodizo meat2

The atmosphere was lively but not too loud, informal and friendly. There were large groups in there and tables for two…which I had to squeeze between to get to the loo, not ideal squeezing between anything when you attempt an all you can eat deal. It was also very, very hot in there so take the Brazilian theme to another level and dress as though you’re actually in Rio not just sampling the cuisine!

It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t amazing, it’s nice for something different but I it’s not somewhere I would visit over and over. I have heard there is a similar and better Brazilian restaurant in between North Finchley & Whestone where the N20 nightclub is and may be paying this a visit in the near future so keep your eyes peeled and stomachs empty for round two of all you can eat.

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