Wellies at the ready…Festival Season is imminent

Unless you are living under a very large rock; and even if you are living under said rock it will probably be picked up and moved within the next few months so some drunk teenager can, poorly, erect a tent its place; you should be aware that tickets for the summer’s 10,000 festivals are starting to go on sale and selling out in ooh probably the time it took me to type this sentence.

So I figured I would add my two cents on which Festivals I will be trudging to in, sadly not Jimmy Choo, snake-skin hunter but still very nice all the same, floral wellies.

Had I all the money/weekends/organisation skills in the world, my summer festival 2011 list would probably look something like;

Glastonbury – Somerset

The Garden Festival – Croatia

Bestival – Isle of White

Exit – Serbia

Outlook – Croatia

Creamfields – Liverpool

However, unfortunately I do have time/money constraints and am also not one for planning in advance so don’t often get around to buying a ticket for something that doesn’t register in my calendar for the next 4months. I mean what ever happened to just showing up on the day?! Why does ‘fun’ have to be so bloody organised and pre-arranged these days?

I guess what I’m really moaning about is the fact that I always seem to miss the boat with ticket sales and they all seem to have sold out before I have even realised they were on sale! Annoying.

So in lieu of the above list I am recommending the following festivals…

GodSplash – Dorset

Gottwood – Wales

Both are relatively small and unheard of which means tickets are easy to come by and you can camp close to the action! Plus my mate runs Godsplash (not a bible bashing, jesus, cult fest, I promise!) so of course it is a winner and like Charlie Sheen I’m bi-winning.

Although you don’t get to see the big names, I see this as a bonus! Yes Jessie J will be incredible at V and Beyonce irreplaceable at Glasto but I always like to discover new acts and perhaps even get the chance to have a chat with them after.

At Godsplash last year I saw Dutty MoonShine who I was, to be quite honest, blown away by. Their eclectic mix of electo-swing was just what I didn’t even realise I was looking for and dropping the Bare Necessities into their set made my weekend. These guys played everywhere last year from Glastonbury, to Secret Garden Party and Bestival and hopefully their hectic summer schedules will see them at Godsplash again this year.

I also saw human beatbox machine Bass 6…who at first listen I naively thought was a CD. Super fast and super slick his ability to make some ridiculous noises with nothing but his god given mouth is unreal.

Here he is doing his ting…






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