Luscious Lashes…

A girls search for the perfect lash lengthing and volumising mascara is neverending so what better way to put that search on hold then to get some lash extensions!

And last week my sister and I finally got to use the Groupon vouchers we purchased for our long-awaited lash extensions.

Originally hoping to have them for Christmas party season we were disappointingly informed in November that they were already fully booked until January this prompted us to book an appointment for my birthday in February in order for us to be lashlicious for the celebrations!

Whydham Place Clinic is a short walk or an even shorter taxi ride from Marble Arch tube station and not one to be late for an appointment due tourist conjestion and heels we took the later option and arrived just 2 minutes shy of our 2.45pm appointment.

Arriving at the Clinic (after having our appointment moved 3 times that day!) we were greeted by the tiny but very polite and cheery receptionist. We waited around 20mins (while the beautician finished her previous client, should have walked it!) before I went in and the treatment began. The total application time took around 45minutes and these were for lashes that are set to last 7-10 days, not the treatment I originally booked for due to the clinic being too busy!!!!

The girls there were all very polite and nice but it was obvious they were understaffed and overbooked. I’m not a high maintenance kinda gal and don’t often partake in this kind of beauty regime so when I booked in for this treatment I was hoping to feel a little more well, treatment.

As a first time customer it would have been nice to be offered a drink or engaged in some kind of chat however idle. To me it all felt a little too much like “thanks for the voucher we won’t be spending too much time on you” which is a shame as I will be going back at some point but perhaps when the groupon vouchers are out of date!

Anyway over a week later and the lashes are still in full fluttering functionality albeit for the few that have dropped off but still no need for Mascara and compliments on my amazing eyelashes are still coming thick and fast!

You do need to be very careful not to get water on them and they do feel a bit odd when you first wake up in the morning but all in all I am very pleased with them 🙂

Unfortunately though they did not get to go out on the town as they were meant to; as birthday celebrations had to be postponed boooo!

 A final mention needs to go to Groupon, from where this offer was purchased. The fantastic online discount company emails its members daily with the latest offer which is always over 50% off! From haircuts, to hotels there is a deal for everyone and a great way to ensure you still get to spoil yourself or that lucky someone even during this seemingly never ending credit crunch!

Just be sure to read the small print and for offers that require an appointment make sure you book early to ensure you don’t miss out as it’s likely if you think it’s a good offer so will 2000 other people!!!!


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