Birthdays begin with The W…

All the best birthdays happen in February; the Marc Jacobs sister line Marc by Marc Jacobs turned 10 this month as does AnOther Magazine and last week celebrated their 15th Birthday!

And where did the on-line version of the every girls fashion bible/ style magazine decide to have their big do? The fabulous W Hotel of course which only officially launched itself a mere 3 days prior to the event.

Situated on one corner of Leicester Square the W Hotel is the latest Flagship offering from the W brand. With one in every hot location around the world, New York, Istanbul and Barcelona to name drop but a few locations, the W Hotel oozes glamour and offers a serious WOW factor which is in fact the name of one of their suites…yup, that’s right you can stay in the WOW Suite or if that doesn’t quite cut it, the Extreme-WOW Suite!

So my thinking was if it was it’s good enough for’s birthday it’s good enough for mine. Cue a few pre-birthday cocktails in their stunning Lounge bar complete with glitter ball decor.

After a few well batted eyelashes at the doorman, who initially told us it was guest list only; thankgod for the day’s earlier beauty treatment, post coming soon, we managed to sashay past the clipboard and ropes, into the lift, up to the lounge bar and swiftly into a booth.

We looked at the irritatingly small, be it in size, not variety and not-very-easy-to-open menu before we decided on cocktails for 3 of the Clover Club variety. Our drinks arrived in hmmm ‘record’ time, if the record was for how long you can take to make a cocktail! They were however utterly delicious and the setting does allow you to think just for one second you could be in New York, Hong Kong or some other far flung destination equally as fabulous and fashionable rather than, in my opinion, trashy, crassy and annoyingly busy Leicester square, slap bang between MacDonald’s, KFC and on the doorstep of every souvenir shop in London.

A mention needs to go to the bill which I was expecting to be in the £10-£15 per drink region that I was fine with. What I wasn’t fine with was the 20% VAT on top of this which could have been included into the menu price as NO-ONE ever reads ‘drinks menu’ small print and then add to this the 15% service charge too!

Now I’ve been a waitress and to me a service charge is a lovely little cherry on top of your monthly wage packet but as a customer for 15% service I would expect the waiters laying down olive branches on my arrival and at least some sort of nutty nibbles on the glass-topped table.

All in all The W is a lovely place to go if you’re out on the razz with some city slickers who are going to pick up the tab or for a ONE off birthday drink and Brown’s doesn’t quite cut it but do expect to charm your way in at the door and be aware of the final bump up in price when you ask for the bill.

W London Leicester Square Wyld Bar

I would, however, like to add that I will be attempting to schmooze my way back in at some point to sample the Wyld bar for some salt-shaking, thigh slapping tequila action!

I will be recommending it for its sheer snob factor and for bringing up the neighbourhood. Here’s to a classier Leicester Square…hmmmm?

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