Love’s a bit of a joke…

Knock, knock…who’s there?

Valentines Day!

Okay so I’m clearly not vying for a career as a stand-up comic but as Valentines approached this year I was wondering whether the boy had anything in mind? Cue a few friendly hints and moaning about how even though Valentines is a load of shhhh…rubbish it would be nice to acknowledge it.

Pleasantly surprised the day before with a bunch of pink and white roses which took me a while to realise were actually for valentines and not just because I was dying in bed with mumps/glandular fever/ tonsillitis and he wanted to cheer me up, a girl can dream! I was desperately racking my brains to think what he had planned on the day itself when he told me he would meet me from work?

When he was running 20 minutes late at 6.30pm and not seemingly stressed about being late for anything I crossed off dinner and musical from my list. When he finally arrived and told me we were off to the comedy store I actually had to praise his efforts!

Our first date was at the comedy store and every girl says she loves a guy who can make her laugh…or at least a guy who can pay to get someone else to make her laugh. It wasn’t all hearts and flowers (which was actually quite a relief) but it was pretty romantic that he took me back to first date territory.

Although filled with couples on the night albeit for one bunch of posh female totty  at the front; the cynical, dry and witty comics made Valentines bearable for the both of us and was definitely a nice twist to your average romantic meal for two.

However the blowjob joke at the end of one comedians act probably didn’t do anyone any favours and certainly didn’t exactly ‘set the mood’

Would always recommend booking in advance but for those that like a laugh there really is nowhere better in London for stand-up comedy!

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