Cocktails then Colombia…

One chilly evening back in November after a few too many cocktails myself and a few friends found ourselves in desperate need for something to eat that was a little more classy than a donner and chips.

Luckily one friend who knew the area well was able to suggest a nearby restaurant so after a short stumble we found ourselves somewhere decidedly East of the city.

Colombia Road in East London is a thriving little place, with the weekly flower market every Sunday, the boutique shops and revamped boozers there are plenty of reasons to make a trip down there and sample it’s delights.

Laxeiro is one of those reasons!

A great little Mexican tapas restaurant that provides an inviting yet cosy atmosphere and large, not very tapas sized portions and most importantly, lashings of Sangria ( which after aforementioned cocktails was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself). With all the favourites of Spanish cuisine, Patatas Bravas, Paella and of course Cauliflower with Manchego cheese mmmmmmm you can’t really go wrong when ordering. Do make sure you  UNDER-order though as portions are bigger then you think and you can always add extra if you’re still hungry. Prices are pretty reasonable too.

We luckily walked in without a reservation but I would think again if you plan to go on a Sunday!

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