A load of Bobble…

With birthdays and Christmas making for tough gift buying for blokes, Valentine’s is damn near impossible!

Despite my last post I’m not huge on romance and my feller definitely isn’t either so I struggled to think what love token I could get him for v-day.

Enter the Bobble.

As he is  a keen gym goer and also having mentioned this device a few times I thought it was the ideal solution to my problem.

The Bobble is a water bottle with a built in filter, I honestly think it’s a load of crap really good idea but I am happy to drink water straight from the tap however, for those who aren’t this could be what you’ve been waiting for.

Saving you money by stopping you buying a bottle of Evian, or Figi for the true celeb among us, everyday; you can fill your Bobble bottle with ordinary tap water and have it filtered out as you drink. C’est manifique!

Each filter last two months and they come in a variety of colours and simply screw into the top of your water bobble. Each filter is around £8.95 to purchase.

I picked one up from Selfridges for my man and was informed by the Sandra, the Sales Assistant that they are ‘a best seller’ and ‘very popular’ but who knows how much she gets paid to say that?

NOTE: Make sure you read the first instructions though and drain the Bobble bottle the first time you fill it; as the water comes out Black initially, from the carbon!



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