Fiction or Non Fiction…

A Londoners never-ending search for entertainment on the tube is a tough one but a good book is always a trusty source.

One of my most recent page turners has been ‘A Million Little Pieces’ by James Frey.

Harrowing but at times a little slow, A Million Little Pieces follows James on his journey in an American Rehabilitation Centre where he winds up in the first chapter after being involved in what appears to be a drug induced serious accident.

At only 23 James had done quite some damage to his mind, body and soul and he recounts this in a sterile and unemotional way. A difficult relationship with his parents and human beings in general James seems to fight against everyone who is trying to help him.

His recovery is helped and hindered when he meets and falls in love with the beautiful and vulnerable Lily whom, under the Centre’s rules he is not allowed to speak to or see.

I personally wanted more a little more here and now action then the book provides but the recounting of tales from the Centre’s patients give you an idea of the chaos that bought them here and a taste of what I was after.

However it is wonderfully written and the characters are very likeable despite their circumstances. The relationship James builds with these characters is quite heart-warming and James himself is a shocker for the human ability.

The most interesting point is that although James writes from a autobiographical perspective an investigation resulted in proof that the author had fabricated much of the book, a story in itself?

Not a must, must read but definitely something to keep you from falling asleep on the city-workers shoulder on the morning and evening commute.

James has written a second book expanding on one of the Characters from A Million Little Pieces called My Friend Leonard.

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