Shake Your Pom Pom…

And with that last post we are on a roll!

A kind of  roll through the aisles of our dream shoe shop but a roll all the same.

I think further blogging inspiration came when I finally logged back onto Bloglovin and our old favourite The Man Repeller lured me into a bit of light reading on Jorts, how to Man Repel in a formal setting and more of same Party and Bullshit.

And it was in And Party And Bullshit that I fell arse over tit in love with yet another pair of shoes.

Bravo Charlotte Olympia: who knew a pom pom was exactly what a peep-toe wedge sandal was missing.


Doesn’t the Pom Pom just add a hint of Meadham Kirchhoff? And oh so perfect for a summer luncheon! 

I have to admit these are perhaps a smidge out of my price range at £920 on the Selfridge’s website but I hear they offer great discounts to employees, so holler at me in the food hall cause we’re joining the service industry once again!


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