Flippin’ Extensions…

From WAG’s to wannabes hair extensions are big business. Just ask Lauren Pope, the Model turned DJ, turned reality star, turned entrepreneur who has a thriving business selling and distributing her own brand of hair extensions, Hair Rehab.

Now I have dabbled in hair extensions myself, sewn in, glued in, clipped in I’ve tried every which way. My one issue is with extensions is seeing where they join. When hair is gripped up, tied back there is always the unfortunate view of either a clip or a piece of glue and this makes the extension not only look cheap and nasty but well, like extensions. Also known as A La Britney Spears…

Now I have been rocking natural locks for a while and wasn’t really interested in going long again the fake way but when I went along to an exhibition at London’s Excel centre I came across Flip in hair extensions and I was impressed.

Flipin Hair Logo

These hair extensions come on a continuous ring that slip onto your head like a hair band and voilà, you have long hair. No damage, no glue, no clips, no weaves. They take a matter of minutes to put in and even less time to remove. They are ideal for nights out, big occasions and they can be specially made to match your hair colour to blend even better.

They come in 3 different lengths and are stocked in salons nationally and even internationally.


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